20 May 2015

Organizations Helping the Nepalese

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On April 25th , 2015 Nepal experienced a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Gorkha. The capital city of Kathmandu is nearby and was completely devastated. Slowly the numbers came in on the extent of the damage. 8,000 people died and many more were injured.

There has been a flow of support from aid agencies, the federal government and a number of high profile philanthropists. Many have said that volunteer support is welcome but money is needed in the impoverished nation.

Nepal sits on the just northeast of India and has never been a wealthy country. It is a small country and the epicenter of the earthquake was in the center, so the entire country is hurting from the quake.

Communication was down in the country for weeks, but organizations across the world have been stepping in to help aid the Nepalese. The American Red Cross is working with The Red Cross in Nepal to organize efforts to make sure every dollar is maximized.

Save the Children is another organization that is getting involved in a big way. They have had a presence in Nepal for almost 40 years and was able to make an immediate impact because of how well they know the country. Save the Children immediately sent a medical team and a crew whose first priority was ensuring safe drinking water for everyone. They are also saving money prepare for future earthquakes.

Online social networks and crowdsourcing are helping out as well. Crowdrise had more than ten fundraisers running almost immediately after the earthquake happened. Global Giving has raised over a million dollars for Nepal.

Oxfam is helping by sending a team of tech experts from around the world to help with rebuilding and helping to avoid another catastrophe like this. If you are in any of the biggest cities in India there are offices for Goonj, a relief agency, that are accepting donations to help our Nepalese neighbors.



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