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26 Mar 2015

The Charities Trying To Solve Water Crises In India

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Water is the most important resource in the world, and it is quickly becoming scarce. Southern California is seeing a very serious drought and may be out of water in the next few years. But there are many people throughout the world that haven’t had access to clean drinking water for their entire lives. More than 10% of people throughout the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. In India, 9% of people lack access to clean water despite the rapidly growing economy. According to the World Bank, 21% of communicable diseases result from dirty water.

Clean India Water Resource

But there are many charities that are trying to solve this very problem in some innovative ways. Here are some of those charities.

By working with partners and stakeholders in each community, is able to create long-term solutions to water crises. works in communities in 11 different states in India, both rural and urban.


Charity:Water is all about water technology. By leveraging the newest technology available and some old and effective technologies, the charity is able to help the India’s poor improve their health.

Columbia Water Center (CWC)

The CWC is affiliated with Columbia University and has contributed a lot of research on the problem of water access in India. They are working with Indian officials to address the problem on a macro scale.


The Straw, which has helped countless of poor communities across the world drink clean water from disease ridden water, is a WaterIsLife product. They also teach hygiene to poor communities.

Just A Drop

Just A Drop works with state and local governments in India to implement smart, targeted water programs for India villages. By working with governments and other NGOs they have had many successful campaigns.

The Water Project

The Water Project takes a holistic approach to water conservation in India to help long-term availability and to help Indians take advantage of the water resources that are available.


27 Feb 2015

Some Interesting Facts About India

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Home to a vibrant culture, India is one of the fastest growing economies but little is known about the emerging country.


India has the second-largest population in the world. 

India is home to over 1.2 billion people. They are projected to pass China in population by 2025.

India is home to the biggest school in the world.

City Montessori School in India has over 1,000 classrooms to accommodate over 45,000 students. Its staff alone is made up of over 3800.

Home to the biggest public book fair.

Kolkata book fair attracts 2.5 million people per year from all over the world.

Indians are big whiskey drinkers.

India accounts for 17.5% of the world’s population but 50% of its whiskey consumption.

It is illegal to import or export the Indian rupee.

Both Indians and foreigners must change their rupees to another currency before leaving the country.

India has the 8th most multi-millionaires in the world.

India also has millions of millionaires, but more than half of Indians live on less than $2 a day.

Dancing is an important art-form.

Dancing is very important in India and is known for making use of the hands.

Indian films are primarily musicals.

While the Bollywood films cover a wide range of topics they often have some song and dance numbers.

Cows are considered sacred.

You can even see cows walking the city streets in India.

Chess started in India.

The earliest predecessor to chess can be traced back to India 1,500 years ago.

India leads the world in banana exports.

Brazil is second to India in banana exports.

The vast majority of Indians practice Hinduism.

Even though India is home to the third largest Muslim population, over 80% of the population practice Hinduism.

Hockey is the national sport.

Field Hockey is the national sport but Cricket is by far the most popular sport in the country.