June 13, 2015

Sadilka Foundation held its first fundraiser on June 13, 2015 as a silent auction during the joint 50th birthday celebration of Drs. Mantu and Lopa Gupta. Over 120 distinguished friends of the Guptas attended the event for a very delightful and successful evening. The photos below depict some highlights of the evening. On behalf of Sadilka Foundation, the Guptas are extremely grateful for the charitable donations. 100% of the proceeds from the silent auction as well as online donations will go toward fully subsidizing airfare, room, and board for 3 college or medical students who will join them on their upcoming mission in January, 2016.


The Gupta Family

The Gupta Family.

Auction items

Auction items included jewelry (Sej Jewels), shawls from Kashmir, wine bottles, gift certificates, Apple iWatch.

Silk shawls

Silk shawls.

Attorney Vinnie Verdiramo and wife, Marion.

Attorney Vinnie Verdiramo and wife, Marion.

Jazz pianist, Joe Servello, set the mood.

Jazz pianist, Joe Servello, set the mood.

Restaurateur Michael Tong

Restaurateur Michael Tong (owner, Shun Lee NYC) has a pensive moment.

Dr. Ami Ranani

Optometrist (owner, Somers Eye Center) Dr. Ami Ranani with wife, Suzi.

Dr. Anil Lalwani

ENT Surgeon, Dr. Anil Lalwani (Professor, Columbia Univ.) and wife/internist Dr. Renu Lalwani.

Robert Munro

Dr. Gupta welcomes hedge fund COO/CFO Robert Munro.

Adam Tihany

Designer par excellence Adam Tihany with wife, Marni.

Lenny Tanzer - Divya Pandya

Businessman Lenny Tanzer (Board Chairman, Parker Jewish) with wife, Lola, and Entrepreneur Divya Pandya (Treasurer, Sadilka, Owner, CLS).

Dr. Aaron Katz - Dr. Harry Fisch

Left to right: Urologist Dr. Aaron Katz (Chairman, Winthrop Univ Hosp) with wife Jennifer, and Fertility Specialist/ Author, Dr. Harry Fisch with wife Karen.

Dr. Doron Stember (- Dr. Reza Mezrahin - Mrs. Naz Mezrahin

Mt. Sinai Urologists Dr. Doron Stember (left) and Dr. Reza Mezrahin (right) with Mrs. Naz Mezrahin (center).

Dr. David Kaufman

Dr. Mantu Gupta flanked by Hedge fund executive, Marjorie Kaufman and Husband/NYC Urologist Dr. David Kaufman.

The Mt. Sinai Urology Crew

The Mt. Sinai Urology Crew! Dr. Gupta flanked on the left by Dr. Art Rastinehad, Dr. John Sfakionos, Dr. Ketan Badani and on the right by Dr. Neil Grafstein, Dr. Reza Mezrahin, and Dr. Sovrin Shah.

Caron Johnson - Ann Scheuer

Dr. Gupta flanked on the left by Philanthropist Caron Johnson with daughter, Valentine and on the right by the Stringhams and Businesswoman, Ann Scheuer (Board Member numerous nonprofits).

Shailesh Pandya

Software engineer Shailesh Pandya with wife Divya, flanked by Dr. Lopa Gupta’s parents, Yogesh & Mrudula Shah.

Rose Fass

Author/CEO Rose Fass (FassForward Consulting) with husband Ron Fass.

Dr. Manak Gupta - Dilan, Dr. Gupta- Kasmira - Rob Rosen - Dorothy Somekh

Left to right: Finance Professor Dr. Manak Gupta (Dr. M Gupta’s father), Dilan, Dr. Gupta, Kasmira, Rob Rosen, and Halstead Broker Dorothy Somekh.

Emilia Bytner- Ann Muller - Dr. Ranani - Dr. James Gordon - Drs. Traci - James Sinoway - Sobin Chokshi

Left to right: Dr. L Gupta’s nurse Emilia Bytner, office manager Ann Muller, Dr. Ranani, Ophthalmologist Dr. James Gordon, Optometrists Drs. Traci and James Sinoway, and Jeweler Sobin Chokshi.

Dan Conley

Businessman Dan Conley (partner, Northern Litho) with wife Kristina.

Dyan Dahari - Ilyassah Shabazz

Designer Dyan Dahari with Author/Speaker Ilyassah Shabazz (daughter, Malcolm X).

Peter Stringham

Chairman/CEO Peter Stringham (Young and Rubicam Group) with Philanthropist/Wife Alberta.

Elaine Lai - Robert Rosen

Fashion Designers Elaine Lai and Robert Rosen.

Dr. Estelita Roth

Hamptons Anti-Aging Physician Dr. Estelita Roth with Husband/Winemaker Roman Roth (Wolffer Estate, Grapes of Roth in Sagaponack).

Yogesh Shah - Priti & Saurin Mehta - Priti & Atul Kothari - Sejal Jhaveri

Left to Right: Yogesh Shah with Jewelers: Priti & Saurin Mehta (Aurodiam), Priti & Atul Kothari (Jewelex), and Sejal Jhaveri (Sejjewels).

Mike Trager

Dr. Mantu Gupta flanked on the left side by Sports Executive Mike Trager with Wife/Realtor/ Builder, Debbi Trager and on the right by Roman Roth and the Verdiramos.

Freema Nagler - Drs. Renu - Anil Lalwani

Dr. Gupta with Attorney Freema Nagler and Drs. Renu and Anil Lalwani.

Dr. John Vapnek - Dr. Michael Droller

Mt. Sinai Urologists Dr. John Vapnek (left) and Dr. Michael Droller (right) with Mrs. Esther Droller in center.


Kasmira performs a traditional Kathak dance at the gala event.


Fireworks top off the evening.